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Former Radio Talk Host and TV News Anchor Sherrie Dunlevy has decided to step out of the studio and in front of live audiences to share messages of hope, inspiration, and love.

According to Sherrie, "Negativity is not hard to find, it's everywhere. Just turn on the news, scroll through social media, or step into the workplace and it’s on display. But positivity, you have to seek the positive! " And that’s exactly what Sherrie helps audiences do. 

"It’s easy to point out what’s wrong with the world, with people and even yourself, but have you ever concentrated on what’s right?"
- Sherrie Dunlevy


Despite what has happened in your life, or your current circumstances, an hour spent with Sherrie will inspire you to look on the bright side of life, look for the good in people, and look for ways to make life better for yourself and others.

Here are topics and workshops

Sherrie shares with her audiences:

Step out of that Story and Step into your Greatness!!

"I used to get paid to write stories every day of my life!", says Sherrie. "As a former TV news anchor, I wrote and told stories for a living, but it was the stories that I told myself that made the biggest impact on my life. And most of those stories held me back from living my best life."

If you have ever said or thought:

  • “I’m not good enough.”

  • “I’m too old.”

  • “I don’t have the experience.”

  • “I’m too fat.”

  • “I don’t have the money.”

  • “I’m too out of shape.”

  • “I’m too sick.”

  • “Who do you think YOU are?”


Then you too are a "Master Storyteller" and it’s time to

Step out of those stories and Step into your greatness!


Join Sherrie as she shares experiences in her life where her stories (excuses) held her back and how by changing her story, she was able to change her life for the better. Sherrie shares the steps she used to transform her life, which she believes can help anyone live a life of purpose, passion, meaning and impact.


Did She just say the F-word?

The dreaded F-word is not what most people think it is, it’s FEAR!


  • Fear of failure

  • Fear of embarrassment

  • Fear of success

  • Fear of rejection


Fear keeps us from living our best life and it robs us of our dreams, happiness, and success! Fear leads to a life full of no’s when we should be saying YES to many of life's opportunities and experiences. In this talk, Sherrie shares with the audience how saying YES to life has lead to some of her greatest adventures and successes to date.


How Can I Help?

45 Min. Talk 

Based on her best selling book of the same title, Sherrie shares with audiences tips and suggestions that best help support a grieving friend.


We all know someone who's lost a loved one, or is going through a divorce, or has been diagnosed with cancer. But how many of us know what to do or say that can really help them? 

Sherrie says, "After losing our son Brandon, my husband and I also lost some of our closest friends. I want to make sure people have the information they need, so they can strengthen those bonds, not destroy them."

By sharing her personal journey of losing her son and consequently losing close friendships, Sherrie talks about transforming that pain into a tool to help others.

She says her mission now, is to help others support those they love and care about in ways that are comfortable and that help in the healing process.


In this talk Sherrie shares:

-Three reasons why people don't show up in crisis

-Specific actions you can take that show you care

-What to say and to avoid saying to someone suffering from loss

-The two MOST important things you can do to support a loved one


How Can I Help?

90 Min. Workshop     

 NOT dealing with grief in the workplace or in the classroom, can have a devastating effect on the bottom line, work/school performance and can have a negative lifelong effect on the grieving person. 


Invite Sherrie into your school, workplace, leadership team meeting, or organization.


She will work with your staff to help them effectively:

-Recognize and evaluate the signs of grief

-Communicate with the grieving person and those surrounding them

-Support those dealing with grief

-Monitor those grieving through their first year.



EnVision Success Workshop

Dream it, See it, Believe it, Achieve it!


As kids, we were great at dreaming big dreams!

But somewhere along the way, we started to lose site of what we found most exciting in life and start settling for a smaller, safer path, which can lead to many feeling unmotivated and less engaged in our work and in our life.


Those dreams, desires and goals are still inside of us, we just have to find a way to access them again.


It all starts with EnVISIONing Success.


This fun, interactive workshop is designed to re-inspire your workforce, students or volunteers.

Sherrie works with people of all ages in every stage of life, and helps them to visualize those things in life they have always dreamed of doing, achieving, and experiencing.

In addition, she provides tools to help inspire them to think about the kind of person they want to become as they envision what they want to achieve.


The EnVISION Success Workshop offers solutions that can help anyone:

-Be more effective in the workplace

-Renew enthusiasm and energy

-Have a lasting impact on morale.

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