Ask me about what I love about what I do and the answer is simple… its those “Light Bulb” or “A-ha” moments that people experience.


My favorite phrase I love to hear is:

“Oh, I never thought of it that way before.”


Those are the things that bring the passion to my purpose and allow the work I do to make an impact.


All of the things I teach are things you already know, but somehow hearing it a different way is like hearing it for the first time, or hearing it in a way you finally understand.


Regardless, it is always fun taking you on an adventure that leads to a deeper dive into YOU.


After all, there is Just One You and its when you tap into your truth, your gifts, your dreams and your desires, that It brings JOY to your world!


Here are pictures from some of my favorite workshops: The Transformative Power of “I AM”, and EnVision Success.

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