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How Can I Help?
Your Go-to Guide for Helping Loved Ones Through Life's Difficulties


After losing my son in 1999, my family was surrounded by people who loved and nurtured us while we were healing from this most difficult journey. I felt very blessed to have so many wonderful people reach out to us at that time, however a few of our closest friends just dropped out of our lives when we needed them most. It was very hurtful then and after years of contemplating the possible reasons, I came to the conclusion that is was probably because they were afraid. They may have been fearful of not knowing the right thing to do or say or maybe too afraid to even see us. Regardless of the reason, it ruined the relationship we had with them.


My mission is to make sure that no one else has to suffer another loss when they are already trying to heal from one.

Have you ever suffered a death in your family, or know someone who was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, or your best friends are divorcing?

Ever been afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing? If so, this book is here to assist you.

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I compiled their answers into this book so that friendships and relationships can be made stronger, and so that people may lift others up and help them through the healing process.


This book can be as helpful as a good cookbook, which you can refer to time and time again for suggestions that will assist you in helping others in their time of need.


It is a call to action which is a call to LOVE.

“How Can I Help" is your go-to guide for helping loved ones through life’s difficulties. This guidebook offers you suggestions of things you might do or say that will actually help someone.


It is full of tips and suggestions that have helped others going through similar situations.

I surveyed various people who have experienced various hardships in life and they opened their hearts by sharing those things other people did that really touched their hearts, and made them feel loved and cared about.


   Having lived through the loss of my sister and my father to cancer, both far too young there was much I could relate to but it so happened that the same evening after reading the book a dear friend needed to talk about a loved one's illness. I was so equipped to help and the book will be a great help to my friend. Everyone is touched by the topics of loss covered, this book can be a comfort to those having lost to know their feelings are normal. To those not knowing what to do or say during these difficult times to offer comfort, this book is for you.- Jody G.

  I love Sherrie's perspective on helping others. Life is not about me, it's all about serving and "How Can I Help" hits the nail on the head. It's a nice read from a good author. -Rob O.

  Very helpful and well-written book. From personal experience, I know that when tragedy strikes and you need support, you are often avoided. This book explains why it is so important to lend that support in a variety of situations. I am so grateful the author actually wrote about this. People need people at times when it is much easier to shy away. So grateful this is now on paper so more and more people understand the importance of this support. Hopefully it will become a way of life for many of us. -Ruth F.

  As an Executive Director of an assisted living residence this go to guide has been instrumental in speaking to our residents about how to cope with loss. Loss isn't just losing a loved one but can be a multitude of emotions. It is a valuable asset that I would encourage folks to purchase!-Jamie C.

  Absolutely love this book, everyone should have this book. It helps YOU help others!-Jacquie J.

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